Since Mars Needs Moms wasn't the brightest movie, I thought I'm going to let the experience settle down, and see a live action presentation in IMAX Digital 3D as well. What Can I say? Unfortunately it's not better than the celluloid based IMAX in all aspects. The good news is that overall it's still better. The only setback is in the resolution. While a 70mm IMAX print was the top presentation on the giant screen, it's digital sibling seems to lack a bit, with pixels visible to my scrutinizing eyes. The gargantuan screen is to blame.


On a smaller screen it would probably be invisible, but here, if you inspect it real thoroughly you can see some jaggedness especially on straight lines, or in lighter matte surfaces. This is much more obvious in animated movies where straight lines are more abundant. In a live action movie you can notice it less. However it's there, not too distracting, but one cannot NOT compare it to the old IMAX visuals. is one of the best websites for happy ending full movie hd .


Why is it better still? Well, since it's digital, there is no swish in the image, no scratches, no dust stuck on the lenses. It's much clearer, and ghosting is less pronounced in 3D, although it uses the same glasses. So I'd say it's a small step-back in image detail, but a step forward in all other aspect, I'm sure the detail thing will improve in the future, and the much more convenient digital storage and projection is here to stay even on the largest screens.


Steven Spielberg may have sunken into his eternal childhood, and with that he might have lost the real edge of his works, but he's a master craftsman of a child, even if it sounds weird.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is a playful adventure experiment. A real fun ride with loveable characters and amazing visuals. It has JOY written all over it. I'm pretty sure Master Spielberg had tremendous fun making it, utilizing imaginative sweeping/transforming shots that would have been impossible in live action.

Speaking of performance capture, I was really amazed at all the detail in how they have captured reality, and kept it in a surreal world at the same time. The caricature-like characters with real human skin and hair, wearing real clothes living in a real environment were truly the monuments of Weta's greatness. The largest jewel in this crown is of course the lifelike and fully convincing transition of the PERFORMANCE. This is an animated movie, but the majority of animators are laymen: they are called actors.



One actor/being stands out as a show stealer: Andy Serkis/Captain Haddock. Once he's on screen, he gives you all the laughs, and also shows the most through his digital makeup. I guess Gollam, King Kong, and Caesar give him the edge over virtually every actor living today. Not even Ron Perlman can come near his category, all thanks to the new and improved way of heavy prostethics made available by performance capture.


The cute and brave little spot of the movie is Snowy, Tintin's trusty doggy sidekick. He always saves the day, and the audience will cheer for him united. 

The adventure is larger than life in every aspect, and if you cannot get away from the real world, you'll have a hard time enjoying the ride. Luckily I didn't have this problem!

While not the most original adventure story ever, it can be a joy even for audiences that feel that they have seen this somewhere, sometime in another dimension.